When you join the Affirma network, you benefit from a wealth of expertise to simplify your legal and tax procedures.

We take care of evaluating, formalizing and securing your legal and fiscal data.

Evaluate – concretize – formalize – secure

Assistance sur les contrats

Advise you on the creation of any type of contract, and put you in touch with the appropriate legal experts.

  • Secure your operations and their implementation from a legal and tax standpoint.
  • Implement CGVThese include assignment letters, employment contracts and profit-sharing agreements,

Conventions de groupe

Assist you in formalizing reports between your group companies

  • Intercompany relations, transfer pricing…
  • Cash management agreements
  • Current account agreements
  • Assistance agreements,management fees
  • Define,animate, assist, secure

Juridique corporate

Helping you with your company’s legal affairs :
A- Corporate Legal
  • Carrying out the financial statements presentation assignment
  • Approval of financial statements (convening of AGMs, management reports, special report on regulated agreements, holding of Annual General Meeting, filing with the Registrar)
  • File accounts with the Registrar, with confidentiality option where applicable.
B- Assisting you with other corporate legal transactions, whether or not they require the involvement of a CAC.
  • Incorporate companies (SARL, SAS, SCI….),
  • Transferring your registered office
  • Modifying governance and corporate officers
  • Increase/decrease share capital
  • Transforming a company (change of legal form)
  • Preparing the sale of shares
  • Managing the contribution of securities
  • Organizing mergers, contributions and transfers
  • Organize special benefits, issue of warrants giving rights to capital, ESOP, etc.
  • Supervising dissolution/liquidation
  • Legal formalities: publication, registration, filing
  • File accounts with the Registrar, with confidentiality option where applicable.