Simplify your administrative and social management with Affirma.

We offer services tailored to your ecosystem, your objectives and your constraints: Delegate your support functions, payroll management and related procedures to us.

Simplify – Adapt – Delegate

Office management

Assist your teams in carrying out daily administrative tasks thanks to our range of support functions:

  • Manage customer invoicing
  • Organizing the rrecovery
  • Manage Customer invoicing
  • Managing relationshipswith administrative, regulatory and professional bodies
  • Draw up quotations / send letters / perform all secretarial tasks.
  • Set up expense reports
  • File / Sort / Archive

We relieve you of time-consuming but essential functions,
for sound management of your company and your projects.

Management RH

Manage personnel for the entire scope of your employees, apart from issuing pay slips:

  • Organize on boarding / Off-boarding
  • LeadingOPCO grant applications, training, work-study, internships
  • Secure contracts (proofreading, compliance with collective bargaining agreement) + amendments
  • Manageaffiliation to provident / mutual / occupational health insurance schemes
  • Auditing human resources

Gestion de la paie

Assist your teams in carrying out daily administrative tasks:
  • Processing EVP
  • Edit and check pay slips
  • Manage HR portals for direct access by employees
  • Manage payroll software solutions such asSILAE / SILAE RH / PAYFIT / COMBO
  • Assist in understanding pay slips / account balances / first pay slip of the contract